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Psycanics: A Science of Being and Life

Psycanics scientific philosophy of existence that creates accelerated personal change and advanced spiritual development.

Psycanics for CwG
Psycanics: A Precision Technology for
Conversations with God and your Return to the One.

To download the full color illustrations from the Psycanics for Cwg book please go to our Downloads section.

The Technology to Return to The ONE.

CwG stands for Conversations With God, and refers to a series of books channeled by Neale Donald Walsch. We highly recommend the CwG series and Psycanics supplies a technology to make CwG fully operational for spiritual growth. Psycanics for CwG is more advanced than the Advanced Psycanics section. If you are not already familiar with CwG, this section may not make much sense to you.

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General Information: Introduction to Psycanics for CwG

CwG stands for the Conversations With God series of books, channelled by Neale Donald Walsch.

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Psycanics Articles: The ESSENCE of Life: Wisdom, Power, Value and LoveJoy

We can see LIFE all around us and in us. We can see that the universe has a LIFE FORCE creating, running, and animating parts of it, and that that FORCE is infinitely greater, more intelligent, and more powerful than we are. We, as humans, do not even understand our own bodies, much less are be able to create them or maintain them.

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Book Excerpts: Psycanics for Conversations with God

Excerpts from the Book

The purpose of your sojourn on earth is to transcend the illusion of separate and isolated individuality and re-realize your ONEness, your true IDentity as God, which is to Re-Integrate in full consciousness and experience to the ALL THAT IS, to thus take over conscious control of the illusion from within the illusion. This does not require the end of your individuality, but an expansion of your identity to the ALL.

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Psycanics Articles: The 10 Stages of Human Consciousness

Because of Polarity, we cycle into Materiality and the minimum BEingness of being human. All humans obey the Existential Imperative to Return to the ONE from the time of their first incarnation as a human being until their Re-Integration to the ONE. The spiritual progression of a BEing from Materiality (human beingness in the physical universe) back to full and free Spirituality long journey from maximum unconsciousness to cosmic consciousness.

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